Corporate Yoga Classes

Variable to each company

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Energize the body and mind of your team

Are you or your employees experiencing stress, muscle aches and pains due to poor sitting or standing posture?

I can do customized programs to meet the needs of your company.

The classes can be done online or live.

How Your Company Benefits from Corporate Yoga?

Office Yoga helps keep your employees fit, healthy and flexible in both body and mind. It provides all the benefits resulting from reduced stress, plus it provides additional benefits from improved physical health.

For some employees who have been procrastinating about exercising and becoming healthier, having yoga at work may prove to be the little nudge they need to transform their lifestyle.

Corporate yoga students often comment on improved concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making and improved personal productivity, as well as deeper awareness of their health and wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of office yoga include:

Decreased illness and absenteeism: workplace stress causes a range of physical and emotional illnesses, including depression. The stretching and strengthening aspects of yoga are beneficial for preventing and alleviating back pain and other recurring problems. This can be especially important for office staff who are hunched over computers all day.

Higher staff morale: Reducing stress in the workplace means your employees are happier overall and have better inter-staff relations. When staff are less stressed they are more pleasant to your customers and provide better service.

I tailor the yoga classes to suit your workplace demographic, and ensure that all staff participate at a level suitable for each individual.

We recommend class sizes of up to 15/20 staff to ensure each participant receives the required individual attention from the instructor and the best possible experience.

For executives we can also provide personal one-on-one office yoga sessions.